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Stavrakis Tours

STAVRAKIS TOURS www.stavrakistours.gr +302286092202 , +306970014706 A location coming out from a movie, great portions of exotic ambiance, the sea in the colors of aquamarine, and the amazing sensation that you are left alone on earth… A courtesy of nature, in the south of Ios. Due to its distance from Chora (23km, so it takes a 60’ min drive to get there), Magganari isn’t crowded thus keeping its low profile. Still, there is a part of the coast is organized with sunshades, sunbeds, and restaurants as well as sea hiding places for isolation and relaxation. As for the landscape? The large double beach, with the three smaller idyllic inlets, is covered by fine golden sand which is united with the shallow, warm waters. Besides, it’s this insuperable natural beauty that persuaded Luc Besson to film here some of the scenes of the “Big Blue” spreading the reputation of Ios all over the world.


+302286092202 , +306970014706