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Steps Bar

LuxurIOS Island Experience invites guests to experience a most enjoyable and unique street “performance” at Steps Bar in the Chora of Ios. As if taken straight from the stage of a theatrical play, the scenic setting of this unusual outdoor lounge area is fitted with colorful pillows and handmade carpets covering the steps by the windmills’ square of Chora. Its prominent location offers easy access to all guests as well as nearby parking for those traveling with a car. Beautifully situated on the outskirts of Chora, Steps Bar is one of the most distinctive street bars in the Cyclades due to its unique style. Visitors are welcome to unwind under the open sky where the famous Cycladic architecture blends with the effervescent spirit of the renowned nightlife of Ios and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or taste the long list of Santorini wines.

Windmills, Chora, Ios