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Pathos Sunset Lounge Bar and Restaurant

Pathos Restaurant at the Pathos Lounge in Koumbara is the perfect meeting point. The breathtaking setting boasts contemporary furnishings and finishes atop the restaurant's grand modern architecture. Choose from a wide selection of wines, thrill yourself with a classy cocktail, and start exploring our finest gastronomy menus in this romantic ambiance. The artistic touches, stylish decor, and dynamic ambiance of the Pathos lounge bar in Ios welcome guests to surrender to the pleasures of nature embrace the sea, the sun, and the wind, and relax with a soothing drink against the backdrop of the Aegean. The 22 individual areas of entertainment including the 5 majestic caves and other lounging spots are built with natural stone and other materials that complement the stunning natural surroundings. The huge infinity pool made of hundreds of marble pieces assembled in an art design overlooks the Aegean creating the perfect environment to enjoy the stunning sunsets of the Cyclades. From midday to sunset and under the veil of stars, Pathos provides the idyllic venue for celebrations of up to 1000 people, private events, live music happenings, and entertainment choices like no other. 23/07 Mind Against 24/07 Who Made Who (Hybrid DJ set) 25/07 Ameme 26/07 Stavroz (Hybrid DJ set) 27/07 Innellea 28/07 Dixon 29/07 Keinemusik (&Me, Rampa) 30/07 Toto Chiavetta 31/07 Brina Knauss 01/08 MĪMĪ x FY 02/08 Nico Stojan 03/08 Lehar 04/08 Ame DJ 05/08 Musumeci 06/08 TBA 07/08 Eagles & Butterflies 08/08 Carlita 09/08 Acid Pauli 10/08 Laolu 11/08 TBA 14/08 Echonomist 15/08 Whitesquare & Elfenberg 16/08 Gerd Janson