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Calilo Beach Heaven

The imposing palm trees, providing excellent protection from the sun and the one-of-a-kind swimming pool, in the backdrop of the Aegean Sea, envelop guests in an utterly peaceful and exclusive environment of cool serenity. The innovative architecture and artistic decor exquisitely blend with the unspoiled natural scenery and the casual island feel, providing a haven of relaxation, tranquility, and entertainment for all ages. Guests can enjoy a tasty snack on the beach relaxing on the oversized hanging beach beds, or a delicious creative Greek meal at the uniquely designed restaurant while surrounded and embraced by the energy and aura of some of CALILO’s more than seven centuries-old olive trees. Rescued from becoming firewood, transported from the mainland, and replanted on the grounds of CALILO, these “old ladies” enjoy their second chance to life, www.savingeternity.love, and invite guests to unwind with the Meltemi in one of the very few beach clubs facing the sunset in the Aegean Sea.

Papas Beach