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Lord Byron

In 1995, on the beautiful island of Ios, out of a search for good taste, the "mezedopolio" Lord Byrons was born. Chef/owner Vasilis & his wife Molly have traveled the globe in search of new culinary experiences. Along with their knowledge of the world of food, they brought to Ios new products from all over the Mediterranean and beyond. In 2005 the new Lord Byrons Restaurant was created. Moving to a fantastic new location in the center of the village, with its romantic square, the opportunity to expand was realized. The new space, decorated with the memories of a lifetime and creative fantasy, is romantic and eclectic. It is the perfect setting for Byron's now-famous Mediterranean cuisine. While using local produce, seafood & meat, chef Vasilis creates regional Greek recipes, Mediterranean dishes, and pasta. To finish the evening Molly’s desserts are decadent and delicious. Byron's reputation as one of the best restaurants in the Cyclades continues. Also in the new location, the bar is big enough not only to enjoy a cocktail and listen to a great mix of jazz-lounge-Latin music but also to dine. With so much to offer, Lord Byrons will make your evening a memory for a lifetime, come and enjoy with us! Lord Byron 's is Gluten Free Friendly!