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Yummy by Mpolikos

It is located at one of the most central spots of Ios Chora and offers the most popular Greek street food in its most delicious and value-for-money version. At Yummy Ios the traditional souvlaki (either wrapped in freshly baked pita or the typical well-cooked souvlaki from the highest quality meat), gyros, and kebab holds a prominent place. Yet, the menu is open to juicy burgers and salty or sweet crepes with praline or toppings of your choice. If you want something different you can choose the Canadian dish “poutine” with fresh French fries, melted cheese, and gravy sauce that can please your palate. Working hours: 13:00 until early in the morning. Delivery: 14:00 – 24:00.

Chora, Ios (next to the bus station)

+302286092065, +306976579989