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Elia Food & Drink

After five years of successful courses, Elia Food & Drink has been established among its guests’ minds as one of the most popular restaurants in Ios! Charis Boukas, who first envisioned the restaurant, put in lots of manual labor and affection and has managed to create a modern bar-restaurant in the heart of Chora, with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine. The decoration of Elia combines contemporary minimal trends with traditional Cycladic elements, thus forming an aesthetic environment full of jazz sounds. The menu includes traditional dishes from Mediterranean cuisine and original dishes that tend to evoke tasty deliriums, such as lamb croquettes, shrimp rolls, lamb shank, pancetta, and stuffed turkey. If you just want to have a drink in Elia, you will find an interesting cocktail list pairing exquisitely with the dishes on the menu, and fine wine labels which match perfectly with the Spanish jamón, ron, and negroni, aged in oak barrels. Open from 19:00.

Chora, Ios